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TheMidnightRainstorm has started a donation pool!
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:la: Help me raise points for my annual Premium Membership Giveaway!! :la:

July Character Auction on now!!! 3rd-13th of July!

Donate or commission me ^_^
Check out my commission info here: themidnightrainstorm.deviantar…
About my Premium Membership Giveaway: themidnightrainstorm.deviantar…
July character auction:

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Well that didn't work.... :(

Edit: Extending until the 13th of this month.  

It's here :D it's here! Bidding starts on the 3rd of July and will carry on for a week. Please help me spread the word!! :D

Please support my annual Premium Membership Christmas giveaway

As some of you know, last year I started this thing where I use whatever points I have earned/been given to sponsor one month Premium Memberships to as many people as I can afford (which unfortunately was only two last year) around Christmas time. I would really love to do this again as their reactions are absolutely wonderful when they find out that they have been given a PM by some anonymous deviant. However, due to my lack of points thus far, I don't even have enough to sponsor a single Premium Membership this year.  Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon 

Because if this lack of points, I will be holding two character auctions, in July and October (dates are uncertain, subject to change). The characters will be available in human, fairy, pony, dragon, or any other animal form to suit your preference of the character. The highest bidders will receive a full body drawing of the character in the form of choice and also head shots of the other forms basically available (these are human, pony (breezie included for additional points) and spirit (human and fairy head shots will be basically the same, unless there are any drastic differences, they will be placed in the same category)). The drawing will be kept private if the winner wishes it to be.

There will be several characters for each auction, so there won't only be one winner.
Bidding will be in points, of course.

I hope that you all can participate in this little fund raiser of mine. I would really like to be able to give out more Premium Memberships this year, not only to deviants that I am in contact with (whether I watch them or they watch me) but also to random deviants who don't have to points or cash to buy one.

First lot of characters for June auction!

July character auction: ponies by TheMidnightRainstorm

1. Cherice "Cherish". Earth Pony. Pink Awareness Ribbon (breast cancer)
Cherice is a cancer survivor, who now spends her time helping out those who are still on treatment
2. Missy. Pegasus. Yellow Awareness Ribbon (MIA/POW)
A rescued POW. Missy is very wary, but has a heart for those who are in the situation she once was.
3. Jeffrey. Earth pony. Pale Yellow Awareness Ribbon (spina bifida)
Jeff is an earth pony foal who is on surgery due to his not fully formed spine.
4. Hope I. Vivan. Unicorn. Red Awareness Ribbon (HIV/AIDS)
Even though she has HIV (which was passed down to her), Hope still lives up to her name and is always looking on the bright side of things.
5. Bryian Addermen. Earth pony. Burgundy Awareness Ribbon (brain aneurism)
Bryian has very good observation skills. He is a neuro-surgeon in Manehattan.
6. Karka. Earth pony. Purple Awareness Ribbon (pancreatic cancer)
Karka is a cancer patient with a passion for figure skating (hence the figure eight cutie mark). 
7. Lavender. Pegasus. Lavender Awareness Ribbon (cancer)
8. Periwinkle. Pegasus. Periwinkle Awareness Ribbon (eating disorder)
Lav and Peri are sisters. Lav only recently got cancer. Peri is bulimic. Will their difficulties strain their relationship, or will they be closer than ever before?
9. Cynthia. Unicorn. Blue Awareness Ribbon (anti-second hand smoke)
Cynthia is an non-smoker
10. Levi. Unicorn. Dark Blue Awareness Ribbon (Free speech)

Levi is a unicorn who regularly practices freedom of speech, whether ponies want him to or not XD
July character auction: people by TheMidnightRainstorm

1. Skye (Skyler). Light Blue Awareness Ribbon (childhood cancer)
Sweet, shy, and just recovering.
2. Wavye (Wei Ven/Raven). Teal
Awareness Ribbon (tsunami victim)
Wayve is a tsunami victim. As she spends her days walking through the wreckage, will she be able to find any remains of what her life once was?
3. Olivia. Green
Awareness Ribbon (childhood depression)
No one knows much about Olivia. She doesn't talk much.
4. Sunny. Orange
Awareness Ribbon (leukemia)
Sunny is a cheerful little boy who loves pirates!! A favourite among the nurses and doctors, Sunny is full of energy despite being cancer stricken.
5. Angel. White
Awareness Ribbon (innocence & peace)
Sweet and innocent little Angel really lives up to her name. She loves peace and hates arguments. She will always try to find a solution to one.
6. Pearl. Pearl
Awareness Ribbon (lung cancer)
Due to second hand smoke, Pearl is now in hospital with lung cancer. But this little sweet heart has a fightin' spirit!
7. Melanie. Black
Awareness Ribbon (melanoma)
Once a sun-loving beach baby, Mel is now being kept in the shade due to her melanoma.
8. Bea. Brown
Awareness Ribbon (anti-tobacco)
Name taken from the Bee movie quote, "Bees don't smoke." Bea is strongly against smoking, and won't hesitate to tell you just that.
9. Chip 'n' Sugar. Grey
Awareness Ribbon (diabetes)
Chip and Sugar are twins who were spoiled rotten when it came to sweets and junk food. A routine check in at the doctor's office revealed the fact that they both had diabetes. Will these cheeky twins be able to keep their fingers away from the sweets?
10. Johny. Silver
Awareness Ribbon (children with disabilities)
Johny may not look it but he has a bipolar disorder. One minute he's bouncing of the walls, the next, he's crying under them. Will there be someone to change his outlook on life, the world, and most importantly, himself?
11. Tyler. Gold
Awareness Ribbon (childhood cancer)

Tyler is also a cancer recoveree. Placed side-by-side with Skyler during his treatment, the two became fast friends. Cool, calm and confident.

Bidding will be done in the comments of this journal. Please spread the word ^_^
These characters will be available in any form you like. Pony, human, or any other particular species of..well, anything you like. So, don't forget to tell me once you win ^_^

Thanks for reading, and please share this so that more will know. I wish I could offer something in return as an incentive but, as stated, I do not have a lot of points and the points I do have, I am saving for my end of year Premium Membership anonymous giveaway. And I also am not sure whether I will have any time to do little arts for the people who share this because this might be shaping out to be a busy year. I will however, put you as first priority on my commissions list and will also be extremely grateful if you do share this.

All right, that's all

God bless you and have a nice day Frozen - HUG! 


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United Kingdom
Someone is following me in Wonderland.

Music, missions, and animations
the near future of my life ^_^

To change this world into a better place
this, to do, I try yoda moment

To strive for hope, to open eyes
this I want to do

To encourage creativity
in everyone
in you

Thank you for reading this and stopping by my page ^_^
God bless you and have a nice day!

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